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Amazing Natural Art Installations
Jenni Tieaho, Jaakko Pernu and Apostle Dougherty are leash artists who equal to music with nature to render us magnificent totality. With influence of shapes and materials, each offers us exquisite compositions and pictures. These are the amazing natural art installations.

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SHFT Curating the Culture of Today`s Environment
Incredible Environmental Art by Jaakko Pernu
Posted by Neil Simonton on May 23, 2012 in Art
Land art sculptures by Jaakko Pernu
By Eyeswoon, on May 28th, 2012

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Tremendous Wood Sculptures Alter Their Environments
Posted by Pinar on May 24, 2012 at 12:30pm

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kirjoittaja: Sarah Nazim 28.0´5.2012
Gigantic Wooden Sculptures
The Jaakko Pernu 'Timberline' Designs are Influenced by Human Nature

Nature Art Installations by Jaakko Pernu
21.5.2012 | Art, Street Art | by feeldesain
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Willow Sculpture
by Jaakko Pernu
Written by
Organic Remix – A Conscious Living Journal was created by Olia Saunders, a New York City based graphic designer and photographer, organic lifestyle enthusiast, certified yoga teacher and a non-violent food advocate. It can be seen as a reflection of her creative mindset: daily inspiration, artistic ideas and positive thinking.
The impetus for Organic Remix was driven by Olia’s passion to share her knowledge, gathered over many years. It is dedicated to like-minded people who want to learn from, share ideas and inspire each other, thus helping to improve our world by making conscious decisions and ultimately, benefit from a holistic and sustainable lifestyle.
Land Art, Jaakko Pernu | Blog of Experience 1 day ago
Gigantic Wooden Sculptures - The Jaakko Pernu 'Timberline ... - Voit estää sivuston tulokset, kun olet kirjautunut hakuun.inagist.comEstä kaikki sivuston tulokset
14 hours ago – Gigantic Wooden Sculptures - The Jaakko Pernu 'Timberline' Designs are Influenced by Human Nature #ArtDesign by
105. Making Conversation
Jaakko Pernu, manipulator der natuur
Geplaatst op 25 mei 2012 door martijnlankveld om 14:50
Wood Works | Jaakko Pernu | Jrgon 
Wood Works | Jaakko Pernu. Art, Browse. May 21, 2012. Muge. 0 Comments · art, Jaakko Pernu, sculpture, Wooden ...
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????-??? Jaakko Pernu
????????-?????? ETODAY (etoday) kirjoitti,
2012-05-25 13:08:00
Fancy - sculptor Jaakko Pernu, willow sculpture,
21 May 2012 – ... is in itself a signal of man's presence and his wish to influence the surrounding nature - to mark it. ~ Jaakko Pernu See more of his work here
27/05/2012 09h48
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